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Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 2008, Cre8ive Wisdom utilises proven and measurable marketing techniques to help clients achieve their business aims before rolling out winning campaigns to support the goals. We then manage the strategy, and deliver both traditional and digital tactics with results!

Cre8ive Wisdom either works on a retained-agency basis, delivering powerful end-to-end outsourced marketing for clients or on a project by project basis, managing specific campaigns or creative projects across both digital and traditional media. All aspects of media and marketing can be delivered across the spectrum of creative and strategic marketing support.

Averagely, outsourcing your marketing to an expert agency, utilising pure, traditional and leading-edge marketing techniques and providing dedication, drive, ambition and responsibility; the results often show 30% better marketing efficiency or 30% improvement to bottom-lines or turnovers. Outsourced marketing contracts are available at set monthly retainer levels, with bonuses and performance fees tied into delivery of agreed KPI’s over one, two and three year terms.

We also provide packages of marketing support, business mentoring and performance coaching to serious startups and SME's. Retainer levels are affordable and KPI's linked to increased profitability, which in turn rewards marketing success and funds further growth.

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At the pinnacle of branding comes brand management; the perfectly crafted combination of creative excellence and strategic thinking. Essentially, brand management is the active management of the market value and competitive strength of a brand as a Company asset. With professional implementation, your brand can develop and grow to become the biggest asset your business has. The more brand recognition you can achieve, the more your brand is worth (Brand Equity) and the longer it will last in the marketplace (Brand Longevity).

“Everything begins with Strategy” enabling the development stages that follow to be logical, proven and suitable to achieve the desired goals. Get the strategy right, making sure that everything is SMART (Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Targeted) and the concepts and creative treatment that follow will meet the requirements and deliver on expectations. The cycle then moves into the post activity phase, where results are analysed, plans adjusted and the strategic process begins again.

Technology and society has evolved in leaps and bounds in the Internet age. Now, almost half of all web usage is performed on the go, from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. We design websites so that they can carry the right message and been seen how your customers want to view them. Therefore, our websites are 100% ‘responsive’, scalable and consistent on all devices and all browser platforms, ensuring your online brand experience is always first rate.

Our design team is your outsourced creative design think tank. Branding, visuals, layout, imagery and message are moulded together and honed to produce intelligent, engaging, articulate and memorable design. Consistency across tactics and touch‐points puts design at the pivotal point of what you say and how you say it; setting the tone for your communications and the backdrop to achieving your strategic goals. Memorable professional design can give your business the edge and show you in the right light with potential customers.

Our 'Coverage Winner' PR packages can help you win friends and influence people. Our team of experienced publicity professionals will represent you and your brand in the media marketplace, using their inside contacts, PR know‐how and media savvy to promote your message in the public realm and paint you in the best possible light. From promoting a new product or service to announcing a new member of staff or a new client win, PR offers a cost effective way of communicating with a local or national audience. For package details and costs CLICK HERE.

For smaller businesses that need hands-on support and advice to help grow their business, identify new opportunities and markets and promote themselves, we have 3 Marketing Maintenance packages designed to guide, assist, organise and manage campaigns. These packages are perfect for businesses who want to learn to do their own marketing in a more sucessful way or for smaller businesses who want expert help in some areas of marketing that they can't cover internally. For details on our packages CLICK HERE.

The impact and potential of social media on business is now a reality. It’s no longer an option not to utilise this route to market, as 55% of all internet usage is made from mobile devices and Global market trends are suggesting that within the next few years 50% of all buying decisions will be made within the social media realm. We have been running successful social media campaigns since 2005. For details about our packages CLICK HERE.

Bringing together original content creation, striking design and over 25 years of publishing and production knowledge, our in-house Contract Publishing services are utilised by three distinctive types of clients; existing publishers looking for a cost-effective outsourced production solution, B2C clients looking to communicate more dynamically to their target audience and B2B clients that want to make a big splash.

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Is your business digitally dynamic or World Wide Wet?

Is your business digitally dynamic or World Wide Wet?

Take a couple of minutes to read our FIVE online facts and assess where your business is on the digital business scale...

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Cre8ive Wisdom designs property letting website for a new Dorset client

Cre8ive Wisdom designs property letting website for a new Dorset client

Cre8ive Wisdom was approached by a recently established locally-based property Company, Clair James Propertyy Group, to develop and launch its online presence.

Cre8ive Wisdom develops a standalone 'name badges' website and branding for RT Promotions

Cre8ive Wisdom develops a standalone 'name badges' website and branding for RT Promotions

Cre8ive Wisdom has worked with RT Promotions for coming up to 10 years, so when the client wanted to develop a standalone website and branding, separate to its main site specifically for fast-moving promotional name badges, it commissioned Cre8ive Wisdom to provide it.

Responsive Websites drive down the cost of making a splash online

Responsive Websites drive down the cost of making a splash online

Over the past 18 months or so, Cre8ive Wisdom has been offering Responsive Websites as standard to all its new website build clients as well as its existing clients looking to refresh the design of their website while reaching more potential customers through mobile device compatibility. During this time, with innovations in design, content management and server technology, the price of websites has come down considerably, which is great news if you're looking for a new website.

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